The Use of A Flip Screen Camera For Vlogging

Man Recording With A Device

Even although technically vlogging has been around for a number of years it’s only started exploding over the last few years onto the scenes. Vlogging is just basically blogging but with a video camera, instead of creating a blog in word format, you record a video and upload it to whatever platform you decide to use. The most popular platform is of course these days YouTube, with millions of videos being uploaded and watched there every day. Watching hours and hours of random videos on YouTube everyday has become the ritual for some people, and gives people the perfect opportunity to tap into this large audience with their vlogs. Their are gaming platforms such as Twitch that people record themselves playing games on and stream it live online. It can also take the form of using a camera to vlog in your car, by setting up a recorder that you speak to while you drive, of course certain safety measures have to be taken here to ensure you don’t put yourself, or anyone else on road at risk. Vlogging has endless opportunities and can provide a nice gateway to making a full-time earning out of it. The main question that people ask when they decide they want to get into it, is “what camera is best for it”? According to the right camera choice is one with a flip screen. Having a flip screen is very handy as when you are recording you are able to see the output in real time, which helps you make sure your audience are getting a good recording.

There are countless manufacturers out there on the market for standard cameras of course, but are their enough companies producing flip-screen ones? Well simply put, yes. Because of the vlogging industry getting bigger and bigger every month, it’s one trend that you can certainly say will only get bigger for the next decade at the very least. All your big brands such as Sony, Fujifilm X, Samsung etc. already have a massive range aimed at vloggers. You can use any type of recorder for your vlog, even a cheap smartphone that’s capable of producing a decent recording image. There are also nice, cheap and simple cameras on the market for under $50 that will suffice. If however, you are looking to take the game seriously then you really need to invest in proper equipment for it. We believe that you’ll be looking at a starting price of around $200 when seeking to purchase a professional vlogging camera. They can go away up in to the thousands of dollars price range, but it’s all about how seriously you are willing to invest in your craft. Flip screen ones are no different and are only as expensive as you make them.

If you’re looking to make a living out of being a vlogger then we recommend that you go with one of these flip-screen options, as it makes life much easier when trying to record a video with one. The last thing you want is to spend hours recording one to upload, only to get home and realize that your head is missing from the video. If you’re new to the whole vlogger world then we suggest you just take some time surfing around, looking up tips and advice for new comers. Then when you feel the time is right just put out a video of your own (no matter how bad it is) to get the ball rolling on YouTube for example. Then as your confidence builds and you get more comfortable in front of the camera doing your stuff, you can start planning out and preparing big long useful pieces of content for your audience.


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