Types of Moviegoers You Encounter in Theatres

When watching a good movie, you’ll also encounter a ton of different moviegoers! Some are amusing, while some can be downright annoying. So we give you the types of moviegoers to watch out for, may you be in the cinemas or streaming your favorite shows online with Movie Box for Android!

Types of Moviegoers You Encounter


These are just some of the moviegoers you may encounter:

– The Riddler

These are definitely the ones you wouldn’t want to encounter. They will keep prodding you with questions even when you’re still watching! Take patience when with them, or sit somewhere very far when watching with them.

– The Loudmouth

These are definitely ones you’ll probably laugh at for screaming too loud during the scary parts of movies. That, or you may end up catching their laughter when watching a comedy. There’s no boring (or quiet) moment with them! But there is a different type of loudmouth: The Spoiler. And you definitely do NOT want to be with one and ruin the whole movie!

– The Silent

These are those you want to stay with, as they’re so engrossed in the movie that they won’t even bother to get some of your snacks! You won’t expect a peep from them.

– The Eater

Are they really here for the movie or the food? You’ll find them with tons of food they may or may not share. If the former, you’ll definitely want to stay near them in hopes for more snacks to munch on!

– The Texter

The Texter can actually come in different forms, but either way, they are always focusing on something else rather than the movie itself. You would usually find them on their phones. What are they talking about? They may even be texting you for some reason!

In Conclusion

Watching movies is one of the best ways to spend time with your loved ones, but you might end up laughing more at the way your loved ones watch rather than the movie itself! Have you ever encountered any of these moviegoers? You might even have more types in mind! But don’t worry, as they’re usually harmless and won’t disrupt your movie. If you want to start a movie marathon at home, whether by yourself or with friends, then you can do so by downloading Megabox HD, one of the most popular apps for movie streaming. Plan your movie marathon now and check out the types of moviegoers they may be!

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