How a Dehumidifier can help your Gun Safe

Owning a gun is totally different from owning a toy, especially when it comes to storage. Unlike toys where you can place them in a basket or box, guns require a special storage that only you can have access to it.

Commonly called as a Gun Safe, this protective container is specially designed to store one or more guns, firearms and its ammunition. However, as this specialized storage, is for most of the time locked and contained, moisture can build up through the humidity of the wind. Obvious effects of high humidity in a gun safe will result to the rusting and corrosion of the firearm and its accessories. Addressing this issue can easily be taken cared of with the use of dehumidifiers. Coming in the form of a desiccant bag, stand-alone rechargeable and electric models, dehumidifiers guarantees a less humid environment inside your gun safe.

The bottom line of using dehumidifiers is that it maximizes the lifespan of the gun safe, the stored firearms and ammunitions. Some have claimed that the simple gun maintenance and cleaning of gun safe will do the trick. Yes, it does. But the question is: how diligent are you in cleaning your gun safe and your firearms? Because if not, then expect rust, corrosion and molds to set in.

Let us do a mathematical comparison and allow us to appraise the things involve. Depending on the brand and model, most dehumidifiers cost anything from $5 up to $50 and may last at least a year. Presuming that your usual habit is a monthly gun safe and firearm maintenance which may take you at least an hour to do so and let us say an hour work cost around $5, then it would sum up to at least $60 worth of manpower labor a year. Well, this figure can easily be disregarded as the difference in cost is very minimal. However, if we talk about the value of the item being protected (which in this case: your gun safe, your firearms and ammunition which cost a lot), then you might as well consider having a dehumidifier while doing manual time for maintenance and clean-up. We recommend using something such as a GoldenRod as it is rated as one of the better dehumidifiers for gun safes.

At the end of the day, what is $50 for a dehumidifier compared to the benefits it gives you assuring your gun is always in top condition and ready for use in case of an emergency.

Car Cameras, What’s The Point?

Car Cameras have become the big attraction now when it comes to the motoring world, but do you have one? No? Well let us give you a little information on what you’re missing out on. There’s a reason why you are seeing so many car drivers use them on the roads these days, as the list of advantages go on and on. It’s not only car drivers that are using them, nearly all road users are starting to use them, taxis, hgvs you name it.

Having a dash cam installed just gives you that extra bit of protection in today’s crazy motoring world, especially with insurance prices going through the roof. With people more likely to lie if it ends up your word vs there’s, then you certainly want to eradicate any questions over liability when it comes to a road accident. With a camera installed you can just simply send any footage to the appropriate people in the event of an accident.

Footage that gets send in from dashboard camera users of some crazy or dangerous driving is also helpful to the police, are they are short of traffic policing staff these days thanks to cuts especially in the United Kingdom. The rise of these recorders has sparked a new wave of road vigilantes, out to try and make the roads you drive on safer.

The market is swamped with different models and manufacturers so trying to purchase a good one may be a little confusing. Most car dash cam reviews you find online are good at giving an indication of what to go for, and what not to go for.

There really is no reason to have one installed today, so get online and find the perfect model and fit for your vehicle, we promise you won’t regret it!


The Use of A Flip Screen Camera For Vlogging

Man Recording With A Device

Even although technically vlogging has been around for a number of years it’s only started exploding over the last few years onto the scenes. Vlogging is just basically blogging but with a video camera, instead of creating a blog in word format, you record a video and upload it to whatever platform you decide to use. The most popular platform is of course these days YouTube, with millions of videos being uploaded and watched there every day. Watching hours and hours of random videos on YouTube everyday has become the ritual for some people, and gives people the perfect opportunity to tap into this large audience with their vlogs. Their are gaming platforms such as Twitch that people record themselves playing games on and stream it live online. It can also take the form of using a camera to vlog in your car, by setting up a recorder that you speak to while you drive, of course certain safety measures have to be taken here to ensure you don’t put yourself, or anyone else on road at risk. Vlogging has endless opportunities and can provide a nice gateway to making a full-time earning out of it. The main question that people ask when they decide they want to get into it, is “what camera is best for it”? According to the right camera choice is one with a flip screen. Having a flip screen is very handy as when you are recording you are able to see the output in real time, which helps you make sure your audience are getting a good recording.

There are countless manufacturers out there on the market for standard cameras of course, but are their enough companies producing flip-screen ones? Well simply put, yes. Because of the vlogging industry getting bigger and bigger every month, it’s one trend that you can certainly say will only get bigger for the next decade at the very least. All your big brands such as Sony, Fujifilm X, Samsung etc. already have a massive range aimed at vloggers. You can use any type of recorder for your vlog, even a cheap smartphone that’s capable of producing a decent recording image. There are also nice, cheap and simple cameras on the market for under $50 that will suffice. If however, you are looking to take the game seriously then you really need to invest in proper equipment for it. We believe that you’ll be looking at a starting price of around $200 when seeking to purchase a professional vlogging camera. They can go away up in to the thousands of dollars price range, but it’s all about how seriously you are willing to invest in your craft. Flip screen ones are no different and are only as expensive as you make them.

If you’re looking to make a living out of being a vlogger then we recommend that you go with one of these flip-screen options, as it makes life much easier when trying to record a video with one. The last thing you want is to spend hours recording one to upload, only to get home and realize that your head is missing from the video. If you’re new to the whole vlogger world then we suggest you just take some time surfing around, looking up tips and advice for new comers. Then when you feel the time is right just put out a video of your own (no matter how bad it is) to get the ball rolling on YouTube for example. Then as your confidence builds and you get more comfortable in front of the camera doing your stuff, you can start planning out and preparing big long useful pieces of content for your audience.


Volleyball – Women’s Volleyball at Olympics

Women’s volleyball in Olympics has been dominated by 5 teams as far as gold medal heroics are concerned. It was all about the Soviets and Japanese for the first 4 games. The two nations stood first and second in the first two round robin tournaments with Japan winning at home in 1964 and the Soviets 4 years later. They also contested the next two finals with the Soviets triumphing in 1972 and the Japanese having their last Olympic hurrah in Montreal in 1976. If you are a beginner at this sport, then I highly suggest you invest in the best women’s volleyball shoes. Click here to read more about them.


The Japanese faded but the Soviets continued to shine, winning two more gold medals in the next 3 Olympic Games. Their two golds sandwiched one by China. The 1988 final was particularly dramatic where the Soviet women pulled victory out of the jaws of defeat against Peru. Peru led by two sets to nothing and were cruising when the Soviets decided to turn up and win the final 3-2.

The Soviet domination was ended in 1992 by Cuba. The Cuban team dominated the sport like no other for decade in which they won 3 consecutive Olympic gold medals, 4 consecutive world cups and 2 consecutive world championships. They won 8 international trophies in a row which was unprecedented and remains a record. Their team of world beaters included regal Torres, who is widely considered to be the best woman volleyball player of all time.

The Cuban dominance was ended by China in the 2004 semifinal. The Chinese went on the win the gold medal but it was the other semifinal involving Russia and Brazil that grabbed more headlines as a sporting spectacle. Both the men’s and women’s teams from Russia have had some amazing come from behind victories to their name in the Olympic Games but this one is probably the greatest of them all. At one point in the match the Brazilians were leading by 2 sets to 1 and had 5 match points. The Russian team, in typical Russian fashion, showed their tenacity to win the match from there. It is one of the most incredible matches in the annals for Olympic volleyball.

The Chinese victory was followed by two gold medals for Brazil who were gunning for their third consecutive gold medal at their home Olympics in Rio 2016. However, they lost to a Chinese team in the quarter finals that would eventually emerge as the overall winners beating by Serbia in the final.

The young Chinese team was barely able to qualify from their group but grew in confidence as the tournament went on. They are widely tipped to be a super power in volleyball for years to come as most of their team is extremely young and is only expected to get better.

Types of Moviegoers You Encounter in Theatres

When watching a good movie, you’ll also encounter a ton of different moviegoers! Some are amusing, while some can be downright annoying. So we give you the types of moviegoers to watch out for, may you be in the cinemas or streaming your favorite shows online with Movie Box for Android!

Types of Moviegoers You Encounter


These are just some of the moviegoers you may encounter:

– The Riddler

These are definitely the ones you wouldn’t want to encounter. They will keep prodding you with questions even when you’re still watching! Take patience when with them, or sit somewhere very far when watching with them.

– The Loudmouth

These are definitely ones you’ll probably laugh at for screaming too loud during the scary parts of movies. That, or you may end up catching their laughter when watching a comedy. There’s no boring (or quiet) moment with them! But there is a different type of loudmouth: The Spoiler. And you definitely do NOT want to be with one and ruin the whole movie!

– The Silent

These are those you want to stay with, as they’re so engrossed in the movie that they won’t even bother to get some of your snacks! You won’t expect a peep from them.

– The Eater

Are they really here for the movie or the food? You’ll find them with tons of food they may or may not share. If the former, you’ll definitely want to stay near them in hopes for more snacks to munch on!

– The Texter

The Texter can actually come in different forms, but either way, they are always focusing on something else rather than the movie itself. You would usually find them on their phones. What are they talking about? They may even be texting you for some reason!

In Conclusion

Watching movies is one of the best ways to spend time with your loved ones, but you might end up laughing more at the way your loved ones watch rather than the movie itself! Have you ever encountered any of these moviegoers? You might even have more types in mind! But don’t worry, as they’re usually harmless and won’t disrupt your movie. If you want to start a movie marathon at home, whether by yourself or with friends, then you can do so by downloading Megabox HD, one of the most popular apps for movie streaming. Plan your movie marathon now and check out the types of moviegoers they may be!

Dash Cams, Insurance and The Law

Camera Image Logo 3

A picture is worth a thousand words and recording videos of crazy, fun things that happen on the road is incredibly fun. However, this is not the primary purpose of dash cameras. They may be great entertainment devices, but that is not all they’re for. Dash cams can help you out in a sticky situation involving your vehicle.

Dash Cameras, Insurance and The Law

Let’s face it – the insurance business is not the most ethical type of business there is. While everyone should have some type of insurance, these companies often try to find ways not to pay out when they’re supposed to. On top of that, even if they’re not trying to do that, they don’t have to take your word for what happened and, frankly, probably shouldn’t. In some countries, like Russia, insurance fraud is unfortunately very prevalent and this is the primary reason why the best dash cam footage we find online is from that country – everyone and their brother in Russia owns a dash camera to protect themselves from insurance fraud.

This is one of the main reasons these devices have become so popular in the Western world too. More and more people nowadays are installing these cameras just in case they get into a collision. And in case they do – they have real proof to back up their story. Most insurance companies are taking notice and accepting dash cam footage as actual proof. This has made their job a lot easier and, in return, this fact has also made everything easier for actual victims or people involved in a collision. The damage on your vehicle does indeed tell a story, but that sort of information cab be interpreted in a thousand different ways and you might end up getting short changed in the end, which is never fun, especially if you’re struggling with money and every penny that you save is valuable.

On the other hand, footage from dash cameras is useful in court. Although dash cam footage still hasn’t been entirely regulated by the law, in some countries, the fact that you have the chance to present indisputable evidence to the court might help the judge make up their mind about who is at fault. Thanks to different properties of these cameras they can also serve as GPS devices or even record footage while your car is parked. Needless to say, this can come in handy (especially if you own a so called stealth dash cam – one that is not noticeable from outside the vehicle) in case you have reason to believe someone is messing with your vehicle, attempting to vandalize or steal it.

In conclusion, if you want to stay safe and if you want to make sure you get reimbursed in case of a collision or something a dash cam is the best possible investment you can make. Instead of thinking whether or not you should buy one, think how much money you will save if you get into an accident or if your car gets damaged. Even if you don’t get into these dangerous situations, it’s always fun to have footage from a nice road trip.

Bluetooth Speakers

Are you considering purchasing a set of blueetooth speakers, but you still haven’t quite made up your mind? Well, then you have come to the right place. More and more people nowadays want to be able to play music wherever they go or in multiple rooms around the house. Thanks to inventions like bluetooth speakers, this has never been easier – you can always bring your audio with you. The benefits of these gadgets are endless.

How Do These Speakers Work and Why You Should Consider Buying Them

Bluetooth speakers are conceptually based on the same technology that can nowadays be found in most modern cell phones and laptops. Essentially, this technology comes down to connecting speakers wirelessly to another electronic device. This is the primary reason why many people utilize and use this useful technology around the house – you don’t need cables or anything like that and it certainly doesn’t take hours to set up these speakers. The entire process is pretty straightforward and simple and the best of all is – these speakers work within 33 feet of range within the device they are connected to, enabling the user to effortlessly reproduce audio wherever they want.

Now, let’s break it down even further and list some of the key advantages of these speakers:

• Wireless – You don’t have to struggle with cables and additional equipment, these speakers don’t need any of that and are completely wireless devices

• Great design – Most bluetooth speakers are aesthetically pleasing, don’t take up too much space and are small and light enough to be carried around

• Sound quality – Even though this might not be too obvious at the first glance, these speakers actually produce high quality sound, that almost matches the sound quality large speakers produce, which basically means they pack the same amount of power despite being a lot smaller than “regular” speakers

• Easy installation – You don’t have to be tech-savvy at all to install your bluetooth speakers. In fact, it probably won’t take you more than 5 minutes to set the entire thing up.

How to Choose The Best Bluetooth Speakers?

You’re probably wondering by now: how to choose the best bluetooth speakers? This is a good question, but it’s hard to provide a thorough answer, since there are so many different models and types of these speakers out there. However, some things are universal and worthy of paying attention to, no matter what type of bluetooth speakers you need and they are, as follows:

• Design – Obviously, you should choose a model that looks good and fits your personal style, but things like size and weight play an important role too. Make sure to pay attention to that in order to purchase the best set of speakers for yourself.

• Audio quality – You can have the most stylish speakers in the world, but if the sound they reproduce is below average, you probably won’t be satisfied. Even though most bluetooth speakers nowadays have more than decent sound quality, make sure to pick a model that isn’t substance over style – pick a device that works well and does what it’s supposed to as good as possible.

• Price – Lastly, price is another thing to consider. We all have different budgets, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get a high quality set of bluetooth speakers. In fact, many models out there are affordable and offer good value for the money. Make sure to do your research before making the final decision.